Get prepared and ready for Winter

Time to protect your asset

Get prepared and ready for Winter! Although we wish the sunny boating season would never end, it’s the reality of owning any boat in the UK. Seasons change and the colder months, if not properly prepared for, will impact the longevity of your boat and engines.

Winterising your engine is so important. With the Summer now over and the weather slowly becoming colder, it’s vital that you put in the steps in advance, to protect your boat and engine. This ensures you get the most from it when you want to head out on the odd sunny Winter’s day!

However if you’re not looking to use your boat over the coming Winter months, we can help also. We want you to have the smoothest transition from the Winter months to the new boating season when it comes around again in April so we’ve created a Guide that helps you decide what service is right for you.

We’ve created a handy guide which explains what you should do and how we can help.

Click the link above to read more about when, why and how to Winterise your boat. Read our recommendations and info on how we, Salterns Marina can help this Winter.

From our Bosun’s ‘Winter Care’ package, our Boatyard Services, or our full Marine Engineering services with Golden Arrow Poole, we have everything covered. Get prepared and ready for Winter with Salterns Marina, you’ll be happy you did! 

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