Can-Am comes to Offshore Performance

Can-Am comes to Offshore Performance


We’re delighted to share the news that Offshore Performance has recently become Dorset and the South Coasts first and exclusive Can-Am dealership for On-Road Motorbikes.

At our onsite Showroom you can view all models across the Ryker and Spyder range.  We’ve launched a new website and we now have onsite engineering capabilities so the team are able to service and provides parts for these unique motorbikes too.

Why buy a Can-Am three-wheeled motorbike?

  1. Stability: The three-wheel design offers increased stability compared to traditional two-wheeled motorcycles. This can be appealing to riders who may feel less confident or have concerns about balancing on two wheels.
  2. Unique Riding Experience: Riding a three-wheeled motorcycle provides a unique and different experience compared to conventional bikes. It can be an enjoyable option for those looking for something out of the ordinary.
  3. Comfort: Can-Am trikes often come with comfortable seating and ergonomic features, making long rides more pleasant for both the rider and passenger.
  4. Storage Capacity: Some Can-Am trikes come with additional storage compartments, making them convenient for longer trips or carrying essential items.
  5. Accessibility: For some individuals, operating a traditional two-wheeled motorcycle might not be feasible due to physical limitations. Three-wheeled motorcycles can offer an accessible alternative to continue enjoying the thrill of riding.
  6. Touring Capabilities: Many Can-Am models are designed with touring in mind, offering features like windshields, cruise control, and comfortable seating for extended journeys.
  7. Styling and Aesthetics: Can-Am motorcycles often have a distinct and modern look, which may appeal to riders seeking a bike with unique aesthetics.
  8. Safety Features: Can-Am puts an emphasis on safety, and some models come equipped with advanced safety features such as stability control systems, anti-lock brakes, and traction control.

Quite simply these On-Road bikes combine elements of both motorcycles and cars, offering a distinctive riding experience.

For more information check out the website HERE or email

Can-Am on road motorbike Can-Am on road motorbike  Can-Am on road motorbike Can-Am on road motorbike

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